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81   Link   ProSoft
Quality ;-) pieces of software for Epoc 32 and Sibo Palmtop computers
82   Link   PsiCallSave
PsiCallSave V1.4
83   Link   PsiConv
It can convert Psion Word files to HTML or plain text, and it can translate Psion Sketch, MBM and ClipArt files to almost any graphic format. The library can also parse Sheet files.
84   Link   PsiFS
PsiFS is a freeware filing system that provides access via a serial link to the files stored on a SIBO or EPOC computer, such as a Psion Series 5.
85   Link   PsiLoc
PsiLoc is a package that fully integrates with the system and uses many features of the EPOC platform. Compatibility with the system's interface style and its intuitive design give the programme a unique charm and easiness of use.
86   Link   Psion Archives
Psion EPOC and Series 5 Software Downloads
87   Link   Psion Dacom Drivers
Treiber für verschiedene Psion Dacom Karten unter den bekannten MS-Betriebssystemen
88   Link   Psion Place - Independent Psion Information Resource
The Complete Independent Psion Information Resource
89   Link   PsiTeach Homepage
PsiTeach homepage, a resource for teachers, pupils or students who use Psion 3/a/c, or Acorn Pocketbook/Pocketbook II computers.
90   Link   Ralph Sprenger
Ralph Sprengers Psion Programme
91   Link   Reto Beeler's HOL5
Reto Beeler wurde für sein Feiertagsprogramm Hol5 bekannt, das die Feiertage der unterschiedlichsten Länder in die Psion Agenda eintragen kann. Weiters können durch einfach zu erstellende Konfigurationsdateien auch beliebige andere wiederholende Tage eingetragen werden wie zB. Mondphasen. Franz hat dazu Dateien für Namenstage, Bauernregeln und Moto-GP erstellt.
92   Link   RMR Soft
Hersteller so bekannter Software wie RMRBank, RMRFuel, RMRHome, RMRCar, RMRExpense, RMRInvest, RMREuro, RMRNews, RMRFtp, RMRTask, VacTrac5, RMRContact, RMRMonth, RMRNotes, RMRShop, RMRUtils, RMRText, RMRZip, RMRFile, ....
93   Link   Scott's Software
I'm a software developer and have been creating software for many years. I'm attracted to all sorts of programming projects and occasionally I'll release what I've written here.
94   Link   PsionWelt - Serie3
Software für den Psion Serie 3 a,c,mx
95   Link   PsionWelt - Software
Software für den Psion Serie 5
96   Link   Simon's Programs for the Psion S3a
This page contains several freely-distributable programs for Psion Series 3a palmtop computers. (über
97   Link   SmileWare for EPOC ER5
SmileWare is freeware for EPOC32 devices. Actually, all my SmileWare is tested on a Psion S5 and on the ER5-SDK, which means that SmileWare should be compatible with all EPOC Machines.
98   Link   StamPark 5FX
5FX is a JPEG and MBM picture viewer for the Epoc ER5 range of computer that uses the familiar explorer and thumbnail interface to graphically manage your mobile image collection
99   Link   Stefan Denk
PSION-Freeware, Datenkonvertierungen, Elektronik-Entwicklung
100   Link   Steve Litchfield
Software and Information for all non-Microsoft PDAs
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