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61   Link   MorseIt
Ein Psion Macro zum Erlernen des Morse codes (CW, Telegrafie)
62   Link   Mosetti Psion Page
NoteIt Lite for Psion 5 Version 1.04
63   Link   Musicbox
Musicbox, by John Neale, is a complete musicians' toolkit. Contained in one program are a a playable piano keyboard, metronome, tuner, tempo measurer and timer. There's even the facility to record the tunes you play on the keyboard.
64   Link   Neuon
Neuon was formed in December 1998 by a group of Psion enthusiasts, whose aim is to create Quality Shareware and Freeware for the EPOC Platform, but with a difference - INNOVATION - And: The Neuon pages are back!
65   Link   OPX-Files
66   Link   Orga
The application Orga is a tool to draw organization charts
67   Link   PCAgenda
PC-Programm, das den Import und die weitere (gewohnte) Bearbeitung der Psion-Agenda erlaubt. PsiWin 2.3 ist erforderlich, um die Agenda aus dem 3C- zurück in das Epoc32-Format zu formatieren.
68   Link
News, Technology, Headlines, Nuke, Geek, Software, Download, u.a.m.
69   Link   PDATopSoft
Your Resource for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC, RIM and Smartphones Software!
70   Link   Pete Sipple
Author of the BankPlus finance package for the Psion Series 5, Revo and Series 3 family. Links to selected sites and recommended software.
71   Link   Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer produces high quality, popular shareware and freeware programs for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena/Series 5/5mx and Geofox-One machines.
72   Link   PhoneManPro
Phonman, das inzwischen als Freeware zur Verfügung gestellt wird, ist wohl das bekannteste Programm zur Verwaltung seiner Kontakte auf dem Psion und dem Handy. SMS und Logos senden, Klingeltöne auf das Handy überspielen und Vieles mehr ist mit Phoneman möglich. Zenobyte hat seine Seiten inzwischen eingestellt; eine Kopie des Programms findet Ihr bei Martin Guthrie unter "lost & found"
73   Link   PieCafé
A new home, a new look and a new beginning...
74   Link   pixelbee
A home for some palmtop based drawing and other battery powered stuff. (über
75   Link   plBeam
plBeam is an application enabling exchange of data through infrared port with other palmtops, PCs and a wide range of machines using the IrOBEX standard.
76   Link   Pocket IQ
Clevere PDA Software (über
77   Link   PocketChess 1.2a
EPOC32 Games
78   Link   PocketInfo
Throughout the site, you'll also now find a lot of content in the right format for the Symbian-powered Nokia Series 80 communicators (the 9210/9300/9500 etc), which are in many ways the spiritual successor to the Psion palmtop range which has been PocketInfo's main focus for so long. Plus there's multimedia and other content for the new generation of 3GP-compliant devices.
79   Link   Psion
Workshops und Agenda-Files
80   Link   PROCYON X
Psion series 5 Astronomy program
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