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1   Link   All About Symbian
All about ER6
2   Link   Excom Schweiz
3   Link   Handango - Software for mobile devices
The Psion Software Store
4   Link   Pinnock Organiser Services (POS Ltd.)
Full PDA and Mobile Computing service and repairs for all Psion PDA's including the Psion Series 3a, 3c, 3mx, 5, 5mx, Revo and Revo Plus.
5   Link   Psiloc Mobile Solutions
The company has been focused on two major directions - EPOC OS national localization package and enhancements of the EPOC OS. Localization technologies, developed to change OS language without changing ROM, has shown new direction of development for national markets of EPOC OS machines, that couldn't be covered in the past due to their non-English language environment.
6   Link   Psion Teklogix
information in motion
7   Link   PSION User Club Austria
Tauschbörse, Technische Informationen zu allen Geräten, Links zu interessanten Psion-Seiten, ShareWare & FreeWare Programme
8   Link   Psion Place - Independent Psion Information Resource
The Internet's 3rd Party information center for Psion Shareware, Psion Freeware, Reviews, Hardware, Discussion, and more! Updated Daily.
9   Link   SRS GmbH
PDA Reparaturdienst für Serie 3mx, Serie 3c, Serie 3a, Serie 3, Siena, Serie 5/mx/PRO, MC218, Revo, Revo PLUS, netBook